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How we work in Sunmed Estates / mortgages

We know it’s difficult nowadays to to get a mortgage that suits your needs for several reasons:

  • There is a lot of offer to compare.
  • Banks and savings banks are increasingly demanding: guarantees, documentation, linking …
  • The process of signing the mortgage is complex and you must know well what you are signing.

In order to help you, in Sun Med Estates we offer you a specialized service in consulting and mortgage brokerage.

What do we offer?

Free mortgage service for purchasing and subrogation.

Customized analysis of your needs and your financial situation.

Comfort. We apply for the mortgage on your behalf.

Agreements with banks at preferential rates.

The most interesting alternatives for you to choose the one that suits you.

Relevant information to understand the potential impact of the market in your economy.

And also:

  • A personal advisor who will accompany you throughout the whole process and will solve all your doubts.
  • Rest assured that anytime you can stop processing the mortgage at no cost.
  • All of this, with the commitment of transparency and professionalism of Sun Med Estates

How much does it cost?

Our service is completely free from start to finish, both in counseling and in processing mortgage loans for home purchase or improvement of conditions (Lack Liquidity).